Class Rules Update

The rules have been out there now for around 8 months and during that period they have been updated only once to clarify a couple of items.

There have been various questions on forums asking for clarification on a few further items and the rules committee met and have discussed these and have issued a new updated version of the Df65 rules, 1.3.

The Rules committee issued the following statement.

“To clarify a couple of questions raised regarding Version 1.2 of the Class Rules, the Rules Committee have published an amended, Version 1.3, of the Dragonforce Restricted Class Rules. It has an addition to Rule B.1 stating that the Sail Winch must be supplied by the Builder (Joysway) and to Rule H.5 to define the Jib Luff as a straight line between Points A & C.”

Take a look at the updated rules by following the link.

Dragon Force Restricted Class Rules v1 3

Since posting the above update there have been questions asked about the legality of sails already in use which have a curved luff. The rules committee have issued the following statement.

“Following the publication of the Dragonforce Restricted Class Rule V1.3 which now describes the Jib Luff as being a straight line between points A & C (Rule H.5), the Rules Committee have decided to ‘grandfather’ existing sails that have been made with curved luffs. However, they ask that all sailmakers, amateur or professional, please respect the Spirit of the Rules, Rule A.4 and only produce straight luff Jibs. Checks will be made at events if felt necessary and the apparent age of the sail will be taken into consideration.”


Dragon Force Open Events 2014

Happy New Year to you all!

It is a little belated because of some flooding issues and I’ll tell you about it over a pint at one of the upcoming DF65 Open Events in 2014.

You’ll no doubt be aware that on the RG65 forum there is a calendar of open events, as a Df65 owner you’ll be more than welcome at any of these events and it is hoped that there will be a separate prize for the first DF65 at each meeting.!category-topic/rg-65-uk/zya_WhrHC7o

However there are also to be several DF65 only events to allow racing on a completely equal footing.  The dates are posted below and for more information on any of them please contact

19th January – West Lancs YC

2nd & 16th February – West Lancs YC

2nd & 16th March – West Lancs YC

13th April – Coalhouse Fort

6th July – Canoe Lake – Southsea

27th July  – Eastbourne

7th September  – Poolsbrook Country Park

I’m sure that by the time the weather warms up there will be a few more DF only events on the cards, if you are a club that fancies holding an event then please get in touch with us and we’ll help you organise something on a date that suits.

In the meantime, “Happy Sailing!”

West Lancs YC Winter Series

We have been contacted by some hardy chaps up North who are based at West Lancs YC in Southport.  they are a group of RC Laser sailors who are keen to embrace the DF65 at the club.

Starting on the first weekend of next year (5th Jan 2014) they are running their RC Laser winter series and alongside the Laser starts they would also like to have DF65 starts.

The club has awesome facilities and even has a bar and food most weekends and it is only a few feet from the waters edge which is also first class with great launch, recovery and walking areas.

For the series to succeed it will require some people to turn up and race.  For dates and times please check out the following website

Events 23rd & 24th November 2013

This coming weekend sees the MYA AGM & Trade Show which is sure to be a great day out for all members of the MYA community.

The day kicks off at 10am with the Trade Show which is usually very well attended.  This year there will be a stand for the DF65, it will consist of RC Yachts, Abersoch Boatyard Services and Graphite Sails, Mark Dicks will also be on hand to answer any questions.  The team will have boats, parts and accessories for sale on the day so if you need something please bring your cash along.

They will also be able to answer any questions that you might have regarding the boat and rigs in general.

The AGM will take place after lunch and usually lasts a couple of hours.

From there the DF65 team will be taking a trip further North and spending Sunday doing a demo event at a new location at Poolsbrook Country Park just of J29 of the M1.  There will be a number of DF65’s to have a go with and showcase this fantastic location and there might even be some informal racing throughout the day.

The day will start sometime after 10am and will continue until everyone either gets too cold or we run out of light!

The lake looks great, there are good facilities and with a newly formed MYA club based at the site it promises to be a great location going forward.

If you fancy taking a look the Country Park website is available to view here

See you over the weekend perhaps!

The DF65 Team

Comments on the web site

After a discussion with Tim Long it was decided that the format of this web site was not really suitable to be used as a FORUM and that comments were being left and there was no structure and it was very difficult to follow topics. we are in the process of transferring the comments to the RG-65 UK FORUM which can be accessed from the TAB above, all comments will be migrated into the forum where deemed necessary  and placed under an appropriate heading, none of the comments will be edited or deleted just moved. once this has been done the ability to leave a comment on certain pages will be turned off.

Dragons on the Telly

We have found the following article on a site from the Netherlands which has a report of an RG65 open meeting that took place recently.

It seems that the DF65’s gave a good showing again and excelled when the wind was up.

Many of you won’t understand the words but check out the TV reporting of the event which has quite a few shots of Df65’s on and off the water.

Dragon Force Race Circuit 2014


With the success of the recent Dragon Force Nationals and the numbers of boats being sold it has been decided that 2014 will see the first Dragon Force 65 National Racing Circuit.

We already have a couple of venues and dates sorted however we are looking for a few enthusiastic clubs to step forward and offer us a few venues that we could hold some racing at.

The aim of the series is to encourage new skippers to come and take part in some racing in the company of some seasoned racers who are willing to impart their knowledge to the next generation of radio sailing enthusiasts.

Currently the dates that are pencilled in are as follows.

Late March – Keighley

Early June – Nationals – Keighley

Late September / Early October – Huntingdon

We are currently talking to Coalhouse Fort who we hope will host an event but it would be nice to have another few venues, perhaps one down South, one in the South West and another in the Midlands somewhere who could host us and perhaps even another couple in the North.

If you think your club could help then drop Tim an Email to and we can have a chat about how your club could get involved.

Don’t be put off if you think your club isn’t up to running an event, we can offer advice on that side of things too.