Class Rules

Dragon Force 65 – Restricted Class Rules – 28th October 2015


“It has become evident that the latest casting of the DragonForce 65 keel bulb has has a much smaller diameter and depth of bolt hole in the base. This is a result of Joysway having to produce a new mould to address an issue with bolt length. Unwittingly and out of a desire to improve quality they adjusted the hole size without realising the class rule implication regarding covering the hole with a sticker. This was a genuine oversight, but has resulted in a smaller hole but the average weight remains the same and within factory tolerance. As these bulbs are already in circulation it seemed sensible to continue with the new design and change the class rules (new version 1.5) to allow the bolt hole to be covered with a sticker. The new wording of Rule D.4 does make it clear that hiding additional ballast weight behind this sticker is a clear contravention of Rules A.5 and A.5. The new Rule Version 1.5 comes into immediate effect”

Issued by the DragonForce Rules Committee on 28th October 2015

Changes that were made in an earlier rule update in early October included

Rules C.4 and G.3 which have been updated to cover newer production boats.

Rule F.7 has been updated to allow Joysway bowsies to be changed to those from any other manufacturer.

Rule H.13 has been added to allow and define the use of telltales and wind indicators.

 Dragon Force Restricted Class Rules v1.5

There are no fundamental changes to the rules and your early production boat will still be as competitive as a spanking new 2015 boat!


The rules have been written so as to encourage new blood into the sport of radio sailing and as such they read very easily and don’t contain too much technical speak.  Where there is no option but to use technical speak it has been explained in plain English.

If you have comments or queries on the rules please feel free to post your thoughts below, but please keep it friendly and for those already radio sailing in other classes just remember that the rules are written to encourage newcomers to racing this great little yacht and the key to it all is “The Spirit of the Rules” (A.4)



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