Class Rules Update

The rules have been out there now for around 8 months and during that period they have been updated only once to clarify a couple of items.

There have been various questions on forums asking for clarification on a few further items and the rules committee met and have discussed these and have issued a new updated version of the Df65 rules, 1.3.

The Rules committee issued the following statement.

“To clarify a couple of questions raised regarding Version 1.2 of the Class Rules, the Rules Committee have published an amended, Version 1.3, of the Dragonforce Restricted Class Rules. It has an addition to Rule B.1 stating that the Sail Winch must be supplied by the Builder (Joysway) and to Rule H.5 to define the Jib Luff as a straight line between Points A & C.”

Take a look at the updated rules by following the link.

Dragon Force Restricted Class Rules v1 3

Since posting the above update there have been questions asked about the legality of sails already in use which have a curved luff. The rules committee have issued the following statement.

“Following the publication of the Dragonforce Restricted Class Rule V1.3 which now describes the Jib Luff as being a straight line between points A & C (Rule H.5), the Rules Committee have decided to ‘grandfather’ existing sails that have been made with curved luffs. However, they ask that all sailmakers, amateur or professional, please respect the Spirit of the Rules, Rule A.4 and only produce straight luff Jibs. Checks will be made at events if felt necessary and the apparent age of the sail will be taken into consideration.”


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