Comments on the web site

After a discussion with Tim Long it was decided that the format of this web site was not really suitable to be used as a FORUM and that comments were being left and there was no structure and it was very difficult to follow topics. we are in the process of transferring the comments to the RG-65 UK FORUM which can be accessed from the TAB above, all comments will be migrated into the forum where deemed necessary  and placed under an appropriate heading, none of the comments will be edited or deleted just moved. once this has been done the ability to leave a comment on certain pages will be turned off.

One thought on “Comments on the web site

  1. Tim Long

    Barrie has spent a good few hours on getting the comments ordered and transferred over to the forum which is a much better medium for ordered comments and discussion about the boat.

    You will need to join the group to post but don’t be put off by this just hit the right button and we’ll approve you which will allow you to join in the fun!




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