Hints & Tips Page Updated

Afternoon everyone,

We have been receiving lots of great feedback from Dragon Force owners about the boat in general and also the class rules. As a consequence of this feedback there has been a revised set of rules posted a week or so ago and also a few more items added to the Hints & Tips page.

Remember if it appears on the H&T page of this website it is ok to make the modifications as instructed if you so wish.

Happy sailing from the DF team.

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2 thoughts on “Hints & Tips Page Updated

  1. Jason

    Can you tell me what range I can expect from a the transceiver that comes with the Joysway 8805 V2 Dragon Force RG65 Class RC Yacht? Some forums suggest it’s about 20m?

    1. Tim Long Post author

      Hi Jason,
      Thanks for you question. There are many different factors that affect the range of the supplied rc equipment for the Dragon Force yacht. The main factor is the positioning of the rx within the boat. If you have a Mk1 boat (the one with an eye on the bow for the elastic) then the rx is under the deck between the battery opening and the main deck opening and the aerial is usually quite low down in the boat. The solution is to get the aerial up to deck level somewhere in the centre of the boat and stick it there.
      If you have a Mk2 boat then the rx is in the main deck opening and the aerial is stuck to the deck already.
      In either case it should offer you much more than 20m of range once the mod is done.
      Hope that helps.


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